Vi Launches 'Vi Guarantee' Program for Smartphone Prepaid Customers; Empowers Smartphone Users with 130 GB of Uninterrupted High-Speed Data

Vi Launches 'Vi Guarantee' Program for Smartphone Prepaid Customers

Ludhiana, 28 May 2024 (News Team)
: Vi, a leading telecom operator, today announced the launch of the ‘Vi Guarantee Program’, a limited period offer for prepaid users. This new initiative ensures uninterrupted high-speed data for all 5G and new 4G smartphone users.

Under the Vi Guarantee program, Vi users will get 130GB of guaranteed extra data over a period of one year, implying that 10GB of data will be credited to their account automatically on every 28th day for 13 consecutive cycles. To avail this extra data offer, Vi users will need to be on a daily data unlimited plan of Rs 239 and above. The user will be able to use this extra data only once their existing data quotas get exhausted. This offer is valid only for Vi subscribers with 5G smartphones or who have recently upgraded to a new 4G smartphone.

Avneesh Khosla, Chief Marketing Officer at Vodafone Idea Limited said, "In today's digital world, consumers need more data to stay connected, productive, and entertained. The 'Vi Guarantee' program is designed to address this growing demand by providing users with an uninterrupted, high-speed data experience. This initiative underscores our commitment to offering a truly unlimited data experience, ensuring our customers can do more on the internet without worrying about data constraints."

Many smartphone users in India do not maximise the potential of their 4G/5G mobile devices due to a lack of sufficient data. With this offer, users can continue to binge on their favourite content even after their daily quota gets exhausted without any extra cost by using the data from their Vi Guarantee quota.

Vi Guarantee, a limited period offer was thus designed to meet the growing data needs of users and encourage them to explore the full capabilities of their devices for better productivity and connectivity. It is also a testimony of Vi’s commitment to solving customer needs and delivering a consistent and reliable data experience.

Vi Guarantee offer is currently available to all 5G and new 4G smartphone users across India except Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Assam and North East and Orissa. To claim the guaranteed data benefit, eligible customers can dial 121199 or *199*199#
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