Panasonic Launches Its Exclusive I-Class Modular Kitchen Range

Panasonic Launches Its Exclusive I-class Modular Kitchen Range

Ludhiana, November 22, 2022 (News Team):
Panasonic Life Solutions India, one of the largest domestic manufacturers of electrical construction materials, housing, and diverse electronics technologies, announced the launch of its exclusive I-Class Modular Kitchen range. This new range will be a one-stop shop for homeowners looking to customise their kitchens using a combination of Japanese technology and Indian production, as well as customisable aesthetics for users seeking affordable luxury options. The new range will be available in 23 cities across India via 25 retail stores.

This new I-Class Kitchen rangeis a great combination of best-in-class material sourced across India and the latest technology from Japan. It boasts of an array of highly customizable features including 100% smart storage to provide maximum space utility for Indian households. The countertops are reinforced by crosspiece which offers solid durability and resilience. The entire cabinet which is made of plywood comes with smart and functional features such as SS matt and rubber strips that provide soft down technology and unique storage shifting technologies, elevates the entire kitchen experience. The I-Class range enables the customers to customise options of cabinet doors in hundreds of colours and patterns in varied materials and finishes. Panasonic Life Solutions India also promises a 10-year replacement guarantee on the new range. Thus, replete with innovative technology solutions and elegant streamlined designs, the I-Class Kitchen range is testimony to the Panasonic trust and brand ethos.

Panasonic’s Modular Kitchen business started in 1962 in Japan and has grown tremendously over the years providing numerous varieties and layouts of kitchen cabinets, storage, and accessories by catering to approximately6,5 million consumers in Japan. India being a priority market, Panasonic also aims at rapid expansion in the Modular Kitchen business by launching the new I-Class Kitchen range across the country with 50 days delivery and installations for Indian consumers.

Yoshiyuki Kitazaki -Assistant Director of Kitchen Furniture, Bathroom and Sanitary Fittings Business Division of Panasonic Housing Solutions Co., Ltd. said, “We believe Indian market is the most important region for our overseas business. And this month, we release a new product, "I-Class kitchen," made in India. With the addition of the new product I-Class kitchen, we will strengthen our marketing activities with a view to further expanding our Indian business and establishing a brand for our residential equipment business. Going forward, our company will contribute to the realization of a more comfortable and secure society by proposing comfortable living spaces.

Dinesh Aggarwal, Joint Managing Director, Panasonic Life Solutions India added, “With the economic growth, India is witnessing a paradigm change in user expectation, design and utility of kitchen spaces. After having received a very positive response in India to the luxurious Panasonic L class kitchens that were launched in 2018; the Panasonic I-Class kitchens range now being introduced combines functional superiority of the L class and our in-depth learnings from Indian market about the site challenges of civil construction, specific storage needs in the kitchen across different regions of our country and ergonomics. With the introduction of I series we will cater to every economic strata, with each series of our Kitchens having superior and unique functionality and very contemporary finishes.”
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