Millers From Across Bharat Participate in Udaan’s ‘Rishta Summit’ Programme

Vaibhav Gupta – Founder & CEO (Second from left) lighting the lamp at the inauguration of the Rishta Summit
Vaibhav Gupta – Founder & CEO (Second from left) lighting the lamp at the inauguration of the Rishta Summit

Ludhiana, June 17, 2022 (News Team):
Celebrating its 6th Foundation Day with partner millers, udaan, India’s largest business-to-business e-commerce platform today launched ‘Rishta Summit’– a special programme to recognise the contribution made by millers in udaan’s growth. Over the last six years, udaan has built a strong relationship with millers across Bharat for sourcing staples for its Food Business.

The two-day Programme is the first ever summit being organised which was attended by over 75millers from across 19 States and the leadership team of udaan. With the theme - ‘Rishta’ meaning relationship, the summit is an effort to strengthen partnership with millers by providing them direct market access through udaan’s extensive distribution network and retail partners.

Udaan is rapidly scaling its fulfillment centers and working with partner farmers and millers across Bharat to serve the growing demand as its Food & FMCG business expands to major cities / towns. Through its fulfillment centers udaan works with over 2000 millers to directly source staples thereby helping them to get the best prices for their produce.

udaan’s Essentials Business - comprising of FMCG, staples, and Fresh products offers over 20,000 products across grocery, beverages, cereals, pulses, spices, edible oils, home & personal care, fresh and dairy categories across major cities.

Arvind Chari, Chief Sourcing Officer (Food Business), udaan said, “Our first Rishta Summit is an acknowledgement of the strong contribution made by millers across Bharat to udaan’s growth story. udaan’s expertise in B2B ecommerce backed by an extensive distribution network has helped in providing the miller partners access to a huge market for their products and brands. This has resulted in udaan becoming a partner of choice for milers and farmers, who are now able to sell their products across Bharat at remunerative prices while enjoying the benefits of eCommerce scale.”

Udaan currently has a network of over 3 million retailers, chemists, kirana shops, HoReCa, farmers and 25-30,000 sellers across 1200+ cities in the country covering more than 12,000 pin codes. Over 5 million transactions take place on the udaan platform per month making udaan a leader in the b2b eCommerce business.

Organised wholesale and distribution are massive opportunities and udaan aims to transform via kirana e-commerce. Under the ‘Kirana e-commerce’ model, udaan has over 500,000 products available across 14 categories. Under Project Bharat, the company is on track to offer daily delivery service across 1,500 towns and cities by December 2022.
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