BeethoSOL Announced the Commercial Launch of Healthy Water Ionizer and Prefilter Machines in Punjab

BeethoSOL Announced the Commercial Launch of Healthy Water Ionizer and Prefilter Machines in Punjab

Ludhiana, May 08, 2022 (News Team):
BeethoSOL Ionized Healthy Water, a unit of Gangnam Street Retail LLP, announced the commercial launch of its Healthy Water Ionizer machines and its Prefilter machines in the state of Punjab. The company has already introduced its products in India in the last quarter of 2021.

At an event organized in Ludhiana Sanjeev Rathi, Managing Director of BeethoSOL Ionized Healthy Water, spoke about the 5 models that the company has introduced. He also offered a glimpse of the impressive Product Road Map that the company has envisioned for the Indian market.

BeethoSOL Ionized Healthy Water comes with 3 precious life-giving properties - strong Antioxidants as reflected in its high negative ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential), natural Alkalinity, and Micro clustered characteristic. BeethoSOL Ionized Healthy Water also comes with 2 add-on health-defining characteristics which are UV Light (Ray) Radiation process inside the machine and a Hydrogen content of up to 1,500 ppb. BeethoSOL Ionized Healthy Water machines enjoy immense competitive advantages like - 2-step dual filter, anti-scaling technology, 5-level filtration system, SMPS power control, customized pH setting and others. Despite of its technological and design superiority, BeethoSOL Ionized Healthy Water machines are the most cost-optimized ones among the comparable machines in the Indian market.

BeethoSOL's technology design, conceptualization, and product research is carried out in South Korea and Japan. BeethoSOL Ionized Healthy Water machines possess certifications from the ISO, the United States, Europe, South Korea, Water Quality Association (WQA) and others.

The quality of water varies across India and affects the performance of BeethoSOL Ionized Healthy Water machines. Hence BeethoSOL has designed, manufactured and launched its Prefilter machines in order to ensure the water quality being put in its Ionizer machines. These machines will also be sold by BeethoSOL as stand-alone units.

The Prefilter machine from BeethoSOL comes in twin capacities of 25 LPH and 40 LPH. The machine is equipped with 7-step purification process and can easily handle water TDS of 2,000 PPM. The Prefilter machine is sold with storage tank of appropriate capacity.

Rathi also mentioned that, since its launch, BeethoSOL Ionized Healthy Water has witnessed tremendous response across India. The company has started to export to Nepal and Bhutan and will soon establish itself as market leader in South Asia.
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