ŠKODA AUTO Expands Its Certified Pre-owned Business at Over 100 Facilities in India

ŠKODA AUTO Expands Its Certified Pre-owned Business at Over 100 Facilities in India

Ludhiana, April 20, 2022 (News Team):
With a slew of new product launches, continuous sales growth and rapid network expansion, ŠKODA AUTO India has further enhanced its used car business, CERTIFIED PRE-OWNED, at over 100 dealerships. With this expansion, ŠKODA now offers a wider reach of 360-degree, under-one-roof, car-buying, selling and exchange conveniences to its customers.

Zac Hollis, Brand Director, ŠKODA AUTO India, said, “Cars, more than any other machine, are likely to have you form an emotional connect. Especially a ŠKODA. With CERTIFIED PRE-OWNED, it is our attempt to ensure all kinds of ŠKODA cars are easily accessible to customers. It is a showcase of our 20+years in India and our long-standing quality and durability. Any customer or fan of ŠKODA can walk in to a CERTIFIED PRE-OWNED facility or log in to the site. And they will be assured of quality and surety. Be it buying a used ŠKODA, selling their ŠKODA, or exchanging for a brand new ŠKODA.”

As on date, more than 2,500 used cars have been delivered through ŠKODA AUTO India’s CERTIFIED PRE-OWNED network.

In a CERTIFIED PRE-OWNED facility, customers can buy a pre-owned car, sell their existing car of any make, model and condition or exchange the same and upgrade to a brand new ŠKODA. Each CERTIFIED PRE-OWNED facility offers detailed evaluations going through 115 quality check points by Evaluation Consultants trained by ŠKODA AUTO India. The price thus arrived at and offered to customers is the price the car deserves based on its specifications and condition.

Customers wanting to upgrade to a brand new ŠKODA also get the benefits of a special Exchange Bonus. The cars in the fleet confirm to the stringent quality standards of ŠKODA AUTO. In addition, certain cars are thoroughly refurbished to ensure a delightful ownership experience for potential buyers. Only select cars attain the ‘CERTIFIED’ badge conforming to the highest level of technical quality, clean titles and documents. These ‘CERTIFIED’ cars are offered a warranty of upto 1 year and 15,000 kms irrespective of the brands. Completing the loop of effortless transfer, the ownership of the car is transferred to the new buyer and a copy of the revised Registration Certificate is made available to the seller of the car.

With the need for personal mobility for self and family, the demand for used cars has almost doubled in the past two years. Today, Indian consumers are not only price conscious but quality conscious too. This means they are looking for a value-for-money product, and that is exactly where CERTIFIED PRE-OWNED by ŠKODA comes in.

For 2022, ŠKODA AUTO India is looking at deepening the digitalisation of the CERTIFIED PRE-OWNED business, introduction of retail finance options, and other key steps to further make the buying and selling of the cars a hassle-free affair for customers.
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