FICCI FLO Amritsar hosted journalist, famed critic and author, Vir Sanghvi to talk about his life memoir 'A Rude Life'

FICCI FLO Amritsar hosted journalist, famed critic and author, Vir Sanghvi to talk about his life memoir 'A Rude Life'

Amritsar, September 17, 2021 (Nannu Studio):
After hosting events like Kaarigari and Count Miles Not Calories, FICCI FLO Amritsar hosted another 'THE RUDE SAGA'. This event featured the best-known journalist of his times, famed critic and author, Vir Sanghvi and his life memoir 'A Rude Life'. The event witnessed a star-studded assemblage that included Commissioner of Municipal Corporation, Malwinder Singh Jaggi, Vice Chancellor of Guru Nanak Dev University, Dr Jaspal Singh Sandhu and his wife Dr Shweta Shenoy, Joint Commissioner of Police, D Sudarvizhi IPS, Undleeb Aujla, w/o Member of Parliament Gurjeet Singh Aujla, and Manraj Grewal, Resident Editor of The Indian Express.

The event began on an auspicious note with the lamp lighting ceremony, followed by the introduction of one of the most recognized and successful journalists of the country, Vir Sanghvi. The conversation with Vir about his memoir A Rude Saga was moderated by Manjot Dhillon, Chairperson FLO Amritsar, and Manraj Grewal, Resident Editor of The Indian Express.

During the conversation, the caustic columnist revealed that the book holds your hand and takes you through a kaleidoscope— personal life, stories of and about celebrities and politicians, middlemen and behind-the-scenes actors. The conversation was sprinkled with fascinating tidbits and a generous amount of chuckles featuring Vir’s personal impressions of and interactions with prime ministers, presidents, kingmakers, mafiosos among other characters, presented in a most human and accessible light.

In addition to the above, Sanghvi shared heart-breaking moments from his childhood, college years and his journey as a journalist. Throwing light on the inspiration behind the book, Sanghvi said it was the lockdown that sowed the seed. “I think it was boredom and frustration. I wouldn’t have written the book if there was no lockdown in 2020. I decided to write on the one thing I knew about: myself,” Sanghvi revealed. The acclaimed journalist continued by sharing his love for his father, “I lost my father when I was 15. He was in his own way a very glamorous figure, because he went abroad more, which most Indians didn’t back then. He died succumbing to lung cancer. The money he left behind dried up soon enough and my life changed forever.” During his years as a journalist, Sanghvi had had close encounters with several Bollywood personalities and eminent politicians. Sharing his experiences with Big B and Shahrukh Khan, Sanghvi called them ‘decent’ and ‘incredibly intelligent person’ respectively.

The interaction with Vir was followed by the grand launch of FLO ROYALTY CARD- an exclusive privilege card for FLO members, offering discounts and offers on city’s most celebrated salons, fashion labels, restaurants, fitness centres, etc. “FLO Amritsar has always endeavored to support and strengthen entrepreneurship and this card holds twin significance for our FLO members, as both FLO customers and entrepreneurs can benefit from the privileges that this card offers,” remarked Manjot Dhillon, Chairperson FLO Amritsar.

The event concluded with the felicitation of all the dignitaries with the FLO Amritsar sustainable mural, Awakening’s miniatures and Green Certificates, and the vote of thanks delivered by Shikha Sareen, Senior Vice Chairperson FLO Amritsar.
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