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City News Ludhiana 6/06/2021 05:25:00 PM
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Experts during talk on Cyber Security in the Era of Digital Transformation organized by GGNIMT
Experts during talk on Cyber Security in the Era of Digital Transformation organized by GGNIMT

Ludhiana, June 06, 2021 (News Team)
: Gujranwala Guru Nanak Institute of Management and Technology (GGNIMT), Civil Lines, organized an Expert talk on Cyber Security in the Era of Digital Transformation. Over 300 participants, including students, professionals, academicians and technocrats across the globe joined in the session to gain insights about Virtual crimes and awareness on Cyber security.

Prof Manjit Singh Chhabra, Director, GGNIMT, accorded a warm welcome to the gathering and said, "We have entered into this new decade, we can already see new challenges arising in cyber security. It is no surprise to see that Cyber crime is constantly on a rise and making headlines every now and then. Almost every organization nowadays, uses cloud storage services like Drop box or Google Drive to store their confidential data and iff due care is not taken, this data present online can easily be exploited by Cyber criminals."

Dr. Varun Kapoor, Additional Director General of Police, India explained that nobody else can protect you from the virtual attacks. It is only and only you who can protect yourself by being more aware and knowledgeable. He very precisely touched upon the use of Cyber space and its components- Information Age, Commerce, Communication and Social network. He clarified that awareness is a key and information is a base of Cyber security. He also talked about how Cyber security is affecting youth and children, referring to many cases of Cyber bullying, Online gaming, online grooming, fake profiling and Facebook staking etc. He discussed the measures and gave some remedies- Do not spread, save evidence, block the bully and talk to adults to reduce the impact of Cyber crime on youth and children. He also encouraged the participants to follow two stage protocol in order to secure – No contact with unknown, even if appears to be known one must verify.

In the end he concluded by giving a few Key points to the participants for how to avoid being trapped by the hackers. Firstly Mindset of safety and security, secondly avoid shortcuts, thirdly think before you act, fourthly have full knowledge and lastly in Cyber space do not trust blindly.

Dr. S.P Singh, President, Gujranwala Khalsa Educational Council (GKEC) and Former Vice- Chancellor, GNDU, Amristar proposed the vote of thanks. He talked about Cyber crime isn't just a major issue for big businesses and national governments only. Cybercriminals target individuals as relentlessly as they go after large companies and organizations. He further said that CEO can afford a dedicated Cyber security team, the average person is on their own when it comes to securing their computers and devices. That leaves millions of potential targets vulnerable to Cyber attacks.
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