Fino Payments Bank’s merchant network gives push to Covid-19 vaccination drive

Fino Payments Bank’s merchant outlet
Fino Payments Bank’s merchant outlet

Ludhiana, June 15, 2021 (News Team):
In addition to providing access to banking services, Fino Payments Bank’s merchant outlets across the country aim to play a critical role in pushing the Covid-19 vaccination drive by helping people register online for vaccination.

Darpan Anand, Senior Divisional Head, Fino Payments Bank said, “Majority of the people in rural areas, especially senior citizens and women, are clueless about online registration leading to either delay or avoiding vaccination. They need assistance and as responsible citizens our merchants are ready to help. People can approach Fino merchants with their Aadhaar card and get the required registration done. The prevailing humanitarian crisis warrants such small acts of support on the ground to improve the effectiveness of the vaccination drive.”

By helping the technologically challenged and people with no smartphones, Fino merchants join the millions of healthcare personnel and scores of volunteers in the country that are providing selfless service to the affected families. Fino merchants are in the neighbourhood and always ready to help - Hamesha! To find the nearest Fino merchant point, people can click on the URL or can scan the QR code.
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