I tease my brother by asking ‘piggy bank mein kitne paise hain’- Kamna Pathak

Rajesh aka Kamna Pathak from show Happu Ki Ultan Paltan with her brother
Rajesh aka Kamna Pathak from show Happu Ki Ultan Paltan with her brother

Mumbai, May 25, 2021 (News Team)
: If someone shares the same level of craziness as you and is your forever partner in crime in the family, it will be none other than your brother. Right from fighting for candies to pranking each other and ensuring the other sibling gets scolded, we all have had our share of childhood fun. On National Brothers Day celebrated on May 24th, sharing some funny incidents that take her back to those ‘bachpan ki din’ is &TV’s Dabangg Rajesh aka Kamna Pathak.

She shares, “Alok and I was always a nuisance to my mother. And leaving us alone would bring alive the scientist in us, causing double the trouble for our parents! Being from a vegetarian family, we did not know much about eggs, except that it can float in saltwater, and once to carry that experiment, I got eggs and we ended up breaking a few, making the entire room would smell of it. Phir kya? We both got equally scolded with no fault of him as he would never dare to blame me. I remember this one incident which cracks me up even now. Our parents to teach us how to save gave us piggy banks with little money in them, and I ended up spending all of it on Golgappas. Well, that is not it. When I ran out of money, I started making money from Alok’s piggy bank. On getting caught, I somehow manipulated him into becoming my Golgappas partner till his piggy bank also ran out of money. He was so just so upset and mad over me that he never got another piggy bank in his entire life. He is a big man now, married and having his family, but even today, when we meet, I tease him asking ‘piggybank mein kitne paise hain’ and laugh out loud. No one can ever match my level of craziness as him.”

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