City News Ludhiana 4/03/2021 04:36:00 PM
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Vaccination Drive at Sat Paul Mittal School
Vaccination Drive at Sat Paul Mittal School
Ludhiana, April 03, 2021 (News Team): Teachers are the heralds of the future and not less than the front line workers. Their health is crucial to the education of our children. Keeping this in mind Sat Paul Mittal School conducted a vaccination drive in school for its staff, on Saturday, the 3rd of April, 2021. The entire credit goes to the visionary Management of Sat Paul Mittal School that has shown care and generosity throughout the global pandemic and supported us in all the challenges of this online era. With the entire country trying to return to normalcy, here arises a possibility that for both students and educators, a complete return to in-person learning may not be all that far with covid-19 vaccines drive already in place.

Our deepest appreciation to the team of doctors from Guru Tegh Bahadur Hospital and Pahwa Hospital for leading the battle against Corona and ensuring the health and safety of the staff members. “The best place to learn is a classroom” so let’s pledge to strategize and help the government bodies in successful execution of vaccination which shall further strengthen us to normalizing day to day situations and start our offline learning. Let’s break the chain and remember when we are safe, the nation is safe.

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