Say Hello to Mini and The Stranger in the third edition of MX Player’s psychological thriller - Hello Mini 3

HM3 Trailer MX SQR
HM3 Trailer MX SQR
Mumbai, April 17, 2021 (News Team):
Having won over Indian audiences with its gripping narrative and compelling performances, MX Original Series Hello Mini has returned with Season 3 in record time, on popular demand. Rating 8.5/10 on IMDB, both seasons proved to be edge of the seat thrillers and the trailer for its latest chapter is now live, answering all those questions that have plagued viewers about Mini’s fight against the “Stranger”.

Anuja Joshi reprises her role as Mini in this psychological thriller, who has been on a chase to find out about the identity of the mysterious “Stranger” and why these unnatural things happen to her when he enters her life. Directed by Arjun Srivasstava, this10-episodic thriller introduces fans to a new avenue which might help bring Mini one step closer to all these unanswered questions when she comes face to face with KD Maa/ Kamyani Devi (Suchitra Pillai), who leads a cult society. But little did Mini know that this time, the truth would be strange-(r).

Speaking about this season, Anuja Joshi said, “Mini is now a part of me-I’ve felt herfear, the adrenaline rush and the anxiety of being stalked through this show and I’m glad we’ve been able to start some important conversations around stalking. This season is all about Mini finding explanations on all those unanswered questions that plague her about the mysterious stranger, and she finally might just get a chance to say Hello to him in this edition of show.”

MX Original Series Hello Mini 3 is produced by Applause Entertainment in association with Goldie Behl’s Rose Audio Visual and is adapted from Novonveel Chakraborty’s ‘Stranger Trilogy’.

Goldie Behl adds, “I remember reading Novonveel Chakraborty’s ‘Stranger Trilogy’ and being completely blown away by it. What started off as an adaptation has now become one of the most successful franchises on the web because of MX Player's wide reach and its large user base. This is now a highly anticipated show for Hello Mini fans who are waiting with bated breath to find out the truth behind The Stranger. Anuja has outdone herself as Mini in this MX Original Series, as have all the cast and crew across seasons. This journey of Hello Mini with Applause Entertainment has been an outstanding one.”

This season will see Rivanah’s life go back to normal when Danny (Mrinal Dutt) and she get back together, and she begins work at Space Age Technologies. Rivanah’s memories about Hiya Chowdhary start resurfacing and it leaves her parents in a spot of bother. Tista’s (Darshana Banik) sudden death pushes her to uncover the truth about a cult group led by KD Maa/ Kamyani Devi which honey traps politicians for its ulterior motives. As Virat (Abhinav Sharma) plots and schemes against Rivanah to avenge Vixy’s loss, will Rivanah finally close in on finding out who the Stranger is?

Hello Mini 3 also stars Anshul Pandey, Vibhav Roy, Nirisha Basnett, and Vikrant Koul in key roles.

Binge watch all episodes of anMX Original Series Hello Mini 3 on 23rdApril,only on MX Player.
Trailer out now:

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