I love Nagarjuna's styling sensibilities: Pradeep Rudra

Pradeep Rudra with Akkikeni Nagarjuna
Pradeep Rudra with Akkikeni Nagarjuna
Mumbai, April 06, 2021 (News Team)
: Pradeep Rudra is playing the role of an NIA officer alongside Akkikeni Nagarjuna in Niranjan Reddy and Anvesh Reddy produced Wild Dog directed by Ahishor Solomon’s that was released on 2nd April.

Reminiscing of his experience working with Nagarjuna, fitness expert turned actor Pradeep Rudra said, “Nagarjuna is the most stylish actor we have. Whether it's his attire, the way he conducts himself or his movies, everything has an element of style. During our conversations on the set Nagarjuna gave me many grooming tips. As a newbie in the industry it was like attending the Nagarjuna Finishing School in grooming, acting and fitness. The tips he gave on grooming and styling will help in the long run.”

Pradeep was last seen in the webseries God alongside Satyadev and Chandni directed by Anees Kuruvilla and then in Krish’s project Mastee alongside Navdeep which is on Aha Network before he was cast for Wild Dog. Here he plays the role of Hashwant Manohar, an NIA officer in Nagarjuna aka Vijay Varma’s team. Hashwant has returned from abroad to settle down in Hyderabad and has recently gotten married but before he can go for his honeymoon he is called for the mission. He says, “Our team is tasked with finding the culprits behind a series of bomb blasts that take place in Hyderabad. In the movie, I am a softie and a new recruit who is unsure about his first mission but you get to see his progression graph as the movie goes ahead. I have always loved watching whodunits like the Bond series or John Wick series. To be enacting a role in a real life based story which is an action thriller has been an amazing journey.”

Having grown up in Andhra and studied in Hyderabad, Pradeep remembers watching many movies of Nagarjuna. “Shiva, Nirnayam, Killer and Geetanjali left an indelible mark on my psyche. What I have always loved about his acting is the unique style he brings to all his characters. Nagarjuna is one person on the set who sets the vibe. He is always calm and composed.”

Pradeep will be seen in 5-6 projects as he is currently shooting for 4 more Telugu projects and one Tamil project namely 101 or Jillala Andhagadu alongside Srinivas Avasarala, Shyam Singha Roy alongside Nani, Adivi Sesh starrer Major among other projects.

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